Aches and Pains 2024

“Bury me in the H.”

“Somebody grab a shovel…”

Frankly, McCullers hasn’t been on my radar for several years now. News about him means about as much as an update on Carlos Lee.


Bloss starting for the Stros tomorrow

Or Cliff Johnson.

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Just had to look up Tucker’s 1st name…
Been a while, too long.

It seems it takes a long time for reportedly minor injuries to heal. Tucker’s “bruised shin” will be over six weeks and Verlander’s “stiff neck” will be at least as long.

Altuve skipping ASG


Good. How many pitchers have to drop out for Blanco to get the nod? Not that he would pitch.

per Chadler Rome:

Kyle Tucker said he “can’t do everything normally right now, but every day it’s getting a little better where I can start moving around better.” Tucker said he’s had “a good amount” of imaging on his shin

“I’m happy with the stuff we’ve been doing, it’s just taking a while”

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Also Rome:

Justin Verlander will throw off the mound tomorrow, Joe Espada said. It will only be 10-15 pitches, but a positive step forward.


Update from Rome:

Justin Verlander threw all of his pitches during a 25-pitch bullpen session today, Joe Espada said. He will throw another during the All-Star break. Beyond that, no word on what is next.

That makes it seem like mid August at best.

Apparently Dana Brown said somewhere that LMJ is shopping a second opinion, which sure sounds like we’ll hear of another TJS surgery soon. I would be more surprised if Lance came back in a bullpen role in September, which is another thing Brown said.



What in the chicken fried fuck did I just watch

Being a catcher ain’t for everyone.

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Can’t quite put my finger on this thing…


The man has a point or maybe had a point.

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McCullers is closer to retirement than pitching in the big leagues ever again.