Aches and Pains 2024

Didn’t see we had done a new thread for the season: says Framber is expected to return next week without a rehab start


The hits keep coming.

Javier scratched. Neck discomfort. I’m assuming that’s a reference to where his head is attached to his body and not his reading of OWA.


Aaaaaand he’s being put on the IL. Arrighetti called up.

The season from hell continues. At first glance, I do not understand the rush to put him on the IL for 15 days for this, unless it’s worse than a case of simply sleeping on it wrong. You have two off days this week.

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Let’s just get all of the shitty luck out of the way this year.

I saw neck stiffness and assumed he slept on it wrong. Must be more than that.

The press release failed to mention that his head actually fell off.


I thought that was implied when they said “discomfort”.

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Neck discontinuity?


USA Today with a long profile on the season this far in current paper

Forrest Whitley to the minor league IL with “right elbow discomfort.”

It was fun while it lasted.

Well — At least he can say he made it to the Big League.


I don’t know why but I am shocked. I guess that says more about me than him.

Espada indicated Javier may return Sunday.

JP France has been shut down from throwing. Right shoulder soreness.

Insult: catcher’s interference
Injury: broken arm

Oh man, that hurt just watching. He was awfully close to the batter, and it’s his own fault, but damn I don’t wish that on anyone.


That’s awful. Apparently he was setting up closer this season then he had in the past in order to try get more low strikes called. That’s brutal.

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That’s a bummer. He was having a good season at the plate as well.