Aches and Pains 2020

That sucks.

This rotation is worrisome.

It’s not worrisome. It’s bad. Hopefully Verlander is good, but he’s reaching the age where he could suddenly become ineffective. Greinke is already hit-or-miss. And after that, who knows? Wins this year will come because the offense bludgeons the other side.

It’s awfully early to conclude the rotation will be a big weakness.

Not a whole lot of optimism beyond the top 2 spots, even before the Peacock news.

My point, and I’m sticking with it, is that is that we don’t know, so why assume the worst.

Along those lines, saw in Astros County (some McTaggart tweet) that Whitley is coming in at 230, 40 lbs more than previously, by design. I’m paraphrasing, but he said he worked out less and ate more, in hopes that the extra weight will help him endure the long haul. Like guessing on the rotation, this is another example of “who the fuck knows if this will benefit him.” Most would probably assume “no,” but we might as well wait and see.

S he dusted off Tyler White’s offseason program from last year?

That wasn’t dust, it was cake crumbs.

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When have the Astros ever had a whole lot of optimism outside of 1/2?

18, 04/05

Francis Martes tested positive for Boldenone. Second violation, this time he gets a 162 game suspension.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Aaargghhh. Remember when he was untouchable? Still is, but not the same way.

Not Astros, but Severino out with TJ surgery for 2020.


Now if Cole will sink back into mediocrity…

Max Preps has Whitley’s high school weight at 250 lbs. Maybe he was overdoing it working out if he got down to 190. At 6’7” that is pretty thin.

We’re famous:

Martes seems destined to never make a difference in MLB.