A’s @ Astros, May 19, 2023 The Return of Altuve!

Bielak on the bump

Leadoff single on the first pitch. Bunt single on the second. Two pitches in, A’s have two on

Walk loads the bases with one out…

Bielak strikes out the side to leave the bases loaded. No score.

Ok, that’s impressive. Let’s not try it again.

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Yes, this time w/ fewer pitches & RISP…

Altuve grounds out 5-3 on the first pitch. Which you knew he was hacking at, no matter what.

I’m blanking on the manager’s name in Major League, but I think of that quote often

Lou Brown

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Bregman took an absolutely fat, right down the middle, get ahead curve ball then swung at a pitch he had zero chance to get on top of.

Fucking infuriating.

Astros go quickly on four pitches. No score

Fucking great. Beilak threw 103 pitches in the first and their scrub threw 4.

Way to pick up your pitcher, guys.

Didn’t want Bielak to get cold, I guess.

You stupid fucks.

Jesus Christ.

Good grief that was awful

What in the literal fuck

So far the team in orange looks like the worst team in baseball, not the one in green.

Bielak gets the GIDP to end the second on only six pitches.

As HPU continues to miss the low strike