7/20 Astros @ Kansas City

Bregman doubles in Springer who walked on 4 pitches in the top of the inning.

McCullers looks sharp in the bottom of the first.

1-0 Astros, Top 2.

Mike Montgomery pitching for the Royals, by the by.

3 up, 3 down for Montgomery in the top of the 2nd.

Mid 2, 1-0 Astros.

Bottom 2:

Soler, Perez, Gordon due.

Holy shit, didn’t recognize McCullers. He hasn’t had a haircut since the World Series.

Soler on a 2-2 count takes a slider out, 3-2. Fouled off. Again. Froze with a breaking ball at the knees! PONCHE!

Perez takes strike 1. Just got out of the way of a wild breaker in, 1-1. Swings behind cheddar at the knees, 1-2. A mile behind a high heater, PONCHE! Three Ks in a row for Lance.

2 outs.

Gordon fastball poured in, hitting 95-98 with his heat. Ball low and out. 1-1. Shatters his bat on a soft liner to what should be 2nd base. Correa ranges over and catches it. Altuve was playing shallow right.

End 2, 1-0 Astros.

Maldando, Springer, Altuve due.

Where are you watching this?

Machete takes ball one up. Ball two JUST low. Hammered foul in to the screen down the LF line. Swung at one out of the zone and popped to shallow right. Dozier under it, 1 out.

I’m watching on FoxSports KC

Springer ball one just low. Swings through a fat one, 1-1.

Free game of the day on MLB.TV.

Bounced in there, ball 2. smoked to right center, easy double as it one hops the wall.

That was a great swing, outside corner and low and he went down and got it.

1 out, runner on 2nd for Altuve. Swings through a breaker, strike 1. Nasty breaker right on the knees, 0-2. Chases junk low and away, strike 3.

2 outs.

Bregman up with Springer on 2nd and 2 outs. Takes a breaking ball right down the pipe, strike 1. Bounced in, 1-1. Way up, 2-1. Takes one just off the plate, called a strike. 2-2. Little further off the outside corner, 3-2. Gets a fat one and slaps it up the middle right in to the shift. 3 outs.

Bottom 3

due up.

Franco up, ball one outside. Pops a breaker to left. Brantley on the jog. 1 out.

McBRoom takes one up. Lines one in the right, base hit. First baserunner for the Royals.

Lopez up with a runner on 1st and 1 out. RIPPED foul down the 1st base line, 0-1. Pickoff, safe. Hit a mile in the air foul down the RF line, 0-2. Change up right at the knees freezes him, PONCHE! 2 outs.

Merrifield with a runner on 1st and 2 outs takes strike one. Pickoff, not close. Low, ball 1. Bounces, ball 2, 2-1. Swings through an inside change, 2-2. Just outside on a breaker, 3-2. Lines a fastball on the outside corner past a lunging Yuli, 1st and 3rd, 2 outs.

Baby Mondesi up 2 outs, 1st and 3rd. Fights off a breaking ball foul, 0-1. Checks on Merrifield, safe. Good heater on the inside corner, 0-2. Bounces a curve, 1-2. Pops a change up to left, Brantley camped.

End 3, 1-0 Astros.

Brantley, Yuli, Correa due in the top of the 4rd.