7/20 Astros @ Kansas City

Brantley flies to left on the first pitch, 1 out.

Yuli takes up, 1-0. Breaker on the outside corner, strike 1. Yuli chases low and fouls it back, 1-2. Swings at one letter high and fouls it back. Slaps one to 3rd, Franco sails the throw but it stays in play. E-5, Yuli on 1st.

First baseman didn’t make much of a play on that throw.

Correa takes one just off the plate, strike 1. Pickoff, not close. Swings at a breaker off the outside corner, 0-2. Way up, ball 1. Up again, 2-2. Swings at another one off the outside corner, 2 outs.

Red Dawg!!!

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Reddick takes a breaker sweeping off the outside corner, ball 1. Out again, 2-0. Yanks one on the inside corner to right, back and GONE!!! WOOOOOOOO!

3-0 Astros

Diaz fouls one off, 0-1. Bounced, 1-1. Low. Bounced. 3-1. Just up, ball 4. Diaz to first, 2 outs.


Maldonado up, takes low. Out, ball 2. Chases a heater off the outside corner, 2-1. Right down the pipe, slapped foul, 0-2. Pickoff, not close. Out, and Perez attempted to pull that one back from about 6 inches off the plate. Count is full. Diaz is off MALDONADO HAMMERS ONE TO LEFT! WAY GONE!

5-0 Astros

Chases Montgomery

Montgomery sent to the showers. 2 outs in the top of the 4th, 5-0 Astros.

Reddick 385 to central right.

Maldonado’s was center cut cutter… And we don’t get any stats on it. Thanks guys.

Kevin McCarthy on to pitch for the Royals.

Springer takes ball 1 out. Low, ball 2. Bounced, ball 3. Catches the corner, strike 1. 3-1 pitch probably caught the zone, but Perez dropped it, walk.

2 outs.

Altuve takes apparently low, looked knee high to me, ball 1. Chases one for no fucking reason off the outside corner and dribbles it to the pitcher, 1-3.

Mid 4

5-0 Astros

Good to see that Altuve has his frustrating swinging at terrible pitches in hitter’s counts in mid-season form already.

Dozier, Soler, Perez due up in the bottom of the inning.

Dozier takes a breaker in. Breaker on the outside corner, 1-1. Fouled fastball on the inside corner, 1-2. Change up at the knees, SWINGANNAMISS, 1 out.

Soler ball out outside, On the knees, strike one. Swings through a 2 seamer, 1-2. Inside, 2-2. McCullers is working pretty quickly. Swings over a heater, PONCHE! 2 outs.

Well shit

Perez low and in, ball one. Yanked that one, 2-0. Change up at the knees inside corner yanked down the left field line and just sneaks it over the fence about 5 feet from the foul pole.

5-1 Astros.