2024 Dead Pool

Yeah. But at least Cabrera is still alive.

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Steve Lawrence Dead: Grammy-Winning Pop Stylist Was 88 (hollywoodreporter.com)


Karl Wallinger - World Party, 66


OMG. Goodbye Jumbo is one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time.


From A Pagan Place and This Is The Sea through World Party’s first 5 albums, I had Karl Wallinger in my CD changer for 7-8 straight years.


This isn’t anywhere near some world famous person, but a good friend of mine and an absolute pillar of the Austin Craft Beer community, Michael Doggett, tragically died in a car wreck yesterday, leaving behind a wife and an unborn baby.

He had recently gone out and opened his own brewery, Obsidian Brewery in Leander, and things were really on the upswing for him and his spot.

He was one of the most friendly, positive dudes you’ve ever met, and always had a smile and a hug for anyone he knew.


Very sorry to hear, Mark.

Eric Carmen Dead: ‘Go All the Way’ and ‘All By Myself’ Hitmaker Was 74 (variety.com)

Man, I’m so sorry to hear that, Mark.

Great songwriter, great singer. I was just listening to Private Revolution this weekend. Ship of Fools is one of my all time favs.

I find reason to post a link to the video for “All by myself” at least 5 times a year. Usually to a person / people that are <30 years old. It’s great. It’s my creepy RickRoll.

I bought that album when it first came out, never having heard a cut off of it. It had many positive reviews at the time but it wasn’t, in the end, my cup of tea.

M. Emmett Walsh, 88.



He really hit my radar the same time as the Coen brothers, in Blood Simple.


His opening monologue is classic

In Blood Simple? I have a bad memory. I first remember him in his VW on Mt. Bonnell discussing terms, with a fly buzzing around.

I see that movie every decade or so. Still think of it as a great American thriller.

His performance in Blade Runner, as brief as it was, still stands out. Such a great actor.

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