2024 Dead Pool

Chuck Harrison, 82.

John Peter Rhys Williams, better known is JPR. MBE and one of the greatest rugby players of all time. Not many can say they changed how the game was played but JPR did. He was also a rather decent orthopedic surgeon (in his era, the game was still amateur and players had day jobs to pay the bills).

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Rugby-playing orthopedic surgeon seems like either sympathetic service or conflict of interest, depending upon how you look at it.


As Pete Mitchell might tell you, an orthopedic surgeon who plays rugby is certainly presented with a target rich environment.

Not orthopedic surgery, but during one of his (many) matches against the All Blacks, JPR Williams had the side of his face stomped by one of the AB’s (who infamously never apologized). Sparked a brawl on the pitch and required thirty stitches to sew up, but JPR finished the match.

ETA - fuck the all blacks. That can never be said too often.

But wait. BLM?

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Mets infielder Bud Harrelson. 79.

The guy who said he punched Pete Rose in the fist with his head.
I was a fan of his when he was Phillie, even wrote to the team for his autograph. They sent one back, it was an action shot of him turning a double play and was inscribed “To [my real name], be a winner, Bud Harrelson”. I loved it. Wish I still had it!
RIP Bud, you made an 11 year old kid pretty happy in 1978.


I will forever remembrr him as a coach on THAT team in 86.

But that story is nice and I appreciate you sharing it.


Joyce Randolph, who played Trixie Norton, the long-suffering wife of lovable goofball Ed Norton (played by Art Carney) on The Honeymooners. She was 99.

I would not have guessed she was still alive.

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My wife read the first part of the headline and I thought “she was still alive? She must’ve been 100.”

Golden State assistant coach Dejan Milojevic. 46.

Peter Schickele.

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Sports Illustrated, 1954-2024 (or whenever you think it actually died)

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I just posted this elsewhere and noted it could probably go to the Deadpool thread. So self-cabrera.

Yes, SI has been dead a long while now, whether they know it or not.

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As a kid, SI day at the mailbox was always a very happy day.



Usually on a Thursday, occasionally a friday.

There was a certain week in February I always anticipated.


If it weren’t for the people losing their jobs, I’d be happier with this than the way they kept displaying the corpse of SI for years

There were several years when I was little when “that issue” would disappear, and later (once I found out it existed) I just assumed my dad had something to do with it.

That’s how I figured out how to pronounce Maui.

rhymes with “wowee”

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