2024 college baseball

If you’re not watching UT vs TAMU, you’re missing a hell of a game.

Not a fielding clinic.

Aggies win 4-2 in 11.

Credit to the Aggie pitching, but the Horns flat out beat themselves.

The game was effectively lost in the eighth inning on what should have been a routine groundout to shortstop to end the inning.

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Flores fields the ball, moves his arm into throwing position.
Everything shifts into slow motion.
As his arm moves, MM silently screams “Nooooooooooooo!”
Throw fielded cleanly at 1b. MM: “What happened?!?!”
Then realize 1b has already moved a foot off the bag knowing the throw was nowhere near him

It’s a fucking gut punch, like losing the ball in the lights last year.



goddammit, thanks for reminding me

Watching my alma mater get swept out of their own regional in Tucson by gcu and dbu was a swift kick in the nads.
At least we had killer seats.

Hate to admit it, dbu had some biggins who could pop.

Dallas Baptist is always dangerous. They are not to be underestimated.


I cringed when I saw they were in UA’s regional.

Hugely underrated program. Also the alma mater of former Houston Astro minor leaguer Ben Zobrist.

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Too soon.

Evansville takes down E Carolina to head to a superregional. Not bad for the #4 seed in the regional.

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Zobrist is one of the crazier prospects I’ve seen: he was a utility middle IF who could hit and get on base with minimal power…gets traded and a year of so later when he’s 27, turns into an All Star IF/OF, gets MVP votes 3 or 4 years, and has a pretty great career


He was a Gerry Hunsicker special. To me, it was noteworthy that one of Hunsicker’s first moves when he went to Tampa Bay (IIRC) was trading for Zobrist.

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Zobrist transfered ot DBU from NAIA Olivet Nazarine in Illinois. While he was there, he won the NAIA A.O. Duer award in 2003 which honors a male and female junior student-athlete in any sport who has excelled in scholarship, character, and citizenship. The award is named after my great uncle Al who was the NAIA executive secretary for 27 years and did some pretty cool things in his life that ended up getting him in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

So I always followed Zobrist closely when he was in the minors. The trade for him for Aubry Huff was one of the worst Astro trades I can remember.


I had managed to forget that Aubrey Huff was once an Astro (I feel dirty just typing that).

Very cool stuff about your uncle, though!!


I remember Huff’s short Astro career as being one of the most snakebit I’ve ever seen. He hit the ball hard and right at people with a scary consistency.

And then he just became scary.