2023 Sugar Land Space Cowboys (AAA)

I’ll get this started.

I got all excited when I saw a slew of “promotions” to Sugar Land recently … Kissinger, Whitcomb, Conn, Wagner, West, Stubbs, Ruppenthal, Adolph, Berryhill, Brewer, Correa, Daniels and Murray. Then I realized it was probably the “last hurrah” of spring training and they were activated for the two games with the big boys. Still very eager to learn who will be in SL this year, though. I hope Dirden continues to mash as the season starts.


Looking forward to the year, we go to our first game next Friday vs the Express. And I’m hoping that the MLB.TV app will let me watch SC games since it has MiLB now. Although I’m sure given how much MLB loves its fans and wants them to see their team the SC games will be blacked out for me.

We haven’t been to Constellation for several years now so I’m looking forward to the SC being a much better team than the Skeeters were, although I’m sure the tradeoff will be no more monkey goat races between innings.

Do not be too sure re the races.

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Very encouraging.

Outstanding. Hope to see him get some ML time this year.

Whitely had his first rough outing of the year. Came in as the 2nd half of the piggy back in the 4th. His line was 4 2/3 IP/4H/5R/5ER/3BB/6K/2HR/1HBP.

He got hit hard but he didn’t have a melt down.

4th inning - leadoff double - KL, KS, 6-3
5th Inning - HBP, KL, HR, BB- CS, BB, KL (rough inning - let’s see what is next)
6th - 5-3, HR, 3U, 3U
7th - 6-3, KL, 4-3
8th - 1B, KS, P3, BB - His day is done/reliever walks next man on 4 pitches and both runners score in a single to the SS.

Earlier in the day, this report from a scout was in The Athletic $$ -

He was up to 96-97 mph when I saw him, not 99-100 mph like he threw before. But plus breaking balls and a good changeup. He has the potential for plus command. The delivery is very simple now. I’ve seen some meltdowns and underachieving in the past, so we’ll see. But he’s kind of a forgotten guy who still has a chance to be a No. 2 or No. 3.

Line for the year through three outings - 12 2/3 IP/6H/6R/6ER/17K/6BB/3HBP - 4.26 ERA & 0.95 Whip

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Any info on velocity? I remain of the opinion the Astros cannot keep relying on Garcia and Urquidy as 40% of the rotation and need starting pitching help from somewhere.

Thanks, Navin.

Whitley on the mound today. Brantley in LF. LV leads 3-0 top of the 4th. Brantley is 1-1 with a walk.

Quincy Hamilton likes AAA. Two-run bomb in his first PA.

ETA: Another bomb in his second PA. Welcome to AAA.


He looks strong.

Pocket rocket

Only 1 for 5 in game #2, but another bomb. OPS is now 1.944.

I mention his name in the Corpus Christi thread and now Spencer Arrighetti is being promoted to Sugar Land.

ETA - 79 K in 60.2 innings for the Hooks this year.

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You are one powerful sob.

Reference? The transaction list shows Ryan Gusto from Asheville to CC, but nothing between CC & Sugarland.

BTW, Nic Swanson and Nolan DeVos are moving up to Asheville, and Jose Betances has been released.

Confirmed by Chandler Rome

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