2023 Sugar Land Space Cowboys (AAA)

I saw they also released Bryan Garcia, Scott Shreiber, and Austin Davis.

Its " get the farm ready for the draftees" time

Schreiber was one of those guys I thought had some interesting tools and might eventually grind his way to MLB.

Like you said, though, need to clean out some roster space for next month’s draft.

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Joey Loperfido promoted to AAA. Probably a top 5 prospect in the organization right now. He’s split time fairly evenly between infield (1B/2B) and outfield (mostly CF) while putting up a .293/.383/.546 line during his breakout 2023. He hits left handed but has crushed LHP this year.

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MLB updated their list according to McTaggart and Loperfido is 6th on the list now.

Good to see. Kid has earned the promotion.

Why do you consistently use “kid” to refer to these grown men? They are not “kids” just because they are younger than you are. And I don’t think it raises your status any to refer to them that way.

Fine Bob. I will refer to them as grown men or player going forward. Hopefully this will brighten your day.

For better or worse, I think the majority of us commonly refer to minor leaguers and rookies that way.

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Right? It’s common throughout all manner of sports media and discussion


Including being often used by MLB mgtment types.

Not to assume I know what VB is thinking but the nuance we need on the bus is to be aware of the age of the players. To call them all “kids” puts an 16 year old out of the DR in the same class as the 26 year old at AA. Age to level is a key part of being able to assess prospect status.

Loperfido is a 24 year old who played 4 years of college prior to being drafted. He is just barely younger than the average age for AA (-0.4 years). He is going to be almost three years younger than the average at at AAA.

Further clouding things would be the recent MLB marketing slogan: “Let the kids play”.


It may have just rubbed me the wrong way, but when a 30-year old like Maton is called a “kid” that got my attention. And Loperfido, while still a prospect, is (as noted) no spring chicken.

Ah, a sane response. 25 year old men are not “kids.”

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Per Taggs - Quincy Hamilton’s season is over after surgery to repair a sports hernia/groin tear – injuries he may have played with all season.

Cool story on Joey L - creating headlines in more ways than one.

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Awesome. Loperfido is one of my favorite prospects in the system. And everyone should check out AstrosFuture. Spencer and Kenny do a great job covering Houston’s minor league affiliates.

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Is Joe Thon related to Dickie?

ETA: Okay I see he is Dickie’s son,


I was thinking the same thing when saw Thon

Brantley was on the bench last night, right? And should be playing tonight?