2023 MLB Draft

We’re a couple months out so let’s get this going.

It’s a crapshoot who the Astros might take at 28, but for whatever it’s worth, BA reports Dana Brown recently showed up to see high school SS Sammy Stafura out of Cortland, NY. He’s been projected as more of a late second rounder so far but BA says he’s on the rise, and Brown was apparently just one of many senior evaluators out to see him.

I’m sure we’ll hear about more player connections over the coming weeks, this is just the first I’ve seen. Brown will be a busy man between now and July 9.

Thanks for getting this going. Never too early to start thinking about the draft.

MLB.com’s mock draft a few weeks ago had the Astros selecting Ralphy Velasquez, a 6’2" C/1B out of Huntington Beach, CA. Question marks about whether he’ll stay behind the plate, but has a strong arm and his bat profiles has potential middle of the order hitter written all over it. Callis says he’s also been fast riser of late, so definitely a name to watch.

ETA: can’t remember where I read it, but there was some chatter a few weeks ago about the Astros possibly selecting George Lombard, Jr. (yes, the son of former Brave George Lombard, which means I’m getting old quick).

Keith Law (washes hands after typing that) has his mock (mocking Keith Law is a favorite activity here) draft posted at the Athletic:

Colton Ledbetter, OF, Mississippi State

They took a college outfielder last year, Drew Gilbert] who’s off to a great (if park-inflated) start to his pro career this spring. They’re also heavy on Stafura.

Ledbetter transferred from Samford (AL) to Miss St this year and hit .320/452/574 with 47 BB & 36K in 248 PA.

Sammy Stafura is a HS SS, Walter Panas High (Cortlandt, N.Y.) - he has him going a few spots higher to the NYY.

How are Gilbert’s stats park inflated?

He’s an Astro, so he’s cheating, and if he isn’t cheating, his numbers have to be due to something else.


The Tourists’ home park is hitter-friendly and Gilbert had a pronounced home/road split there. Of course he was still excellent on the road and he’s been phenomenal in Corpus so it’s probably just another case of Law having more thoughts than insights.


You could give Keith Law $20 and he’d pissed it wasn’t $100.

Love this phrase