2023 Dead Pool

Well dang. The Washington Monument…the Capitol Punisher. Always loved this photo of him

RIP, Hondo


Another one bites the dust.

Bobby Knight

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Always seemed like a really complicated guy. I could never muster the contempt many had towards him.

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Midwest Regionals in which LSU led Indiana, 75-66, with only four minutes left.

“It didn’t look good,” Knight said. “In fact, my assistants had just about given up, and so had I. Then I looked down toward the other bench, and I saw Dale Brown standing there. I knew then that we had a chance.”

Indiana won, 77-76.


Just something about being abusive to the point of insanity, and bullying literally everyone in his life.

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I’m aware of that, but that’s not the sum of him either.

As a kid I always wondered if I could have played under him (you know, ignoring the whole lack of talent on my part).

As an adult, I am thankful I never encountered anyone like him in my athletic endeavors.

Ultimately I would say his success was not predicated on his behavior. Which means the behavior was unnecessary, and unfortunate.

I do think he ran as clean a program as possible in college basketball, which is no mean feat.

Complicated legacy.

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A Season on the Brink is a fantastic book. I think it gave a very accurate portrayal of Knight’s complexities and contradictions. He is not someone who can be categorized. He was relentless and cruel in practice and in games. He was kind and fatherly away from basketball. Almost to a man, his former players, remember him fondly and credit him for their success later in life.

Ken Mattingly - NASA Astronaut who got bumped from Apollo 13 due to rubella exposure - played important part in getting crew safely home. Went on to pilot several shuttle missions.


Frank Borman - NASA astronaut as part of Project Gemini, and who orbited the moon on the historic Apollo 8 mission.

Here’s my space nerd crush to explain aboot the Apollo 8 mission.


An amazing man among amazing men. One of the the Next Nine, he was the oldest surviving astronaut. Now it’s Jim Lovell.



Tragic news to report this morning: I can confirm from multiple sources that former Houston football players D.J. Hayden and Zach McMillan were among those killed in a collision early Saturday morning in Houston. Hayden was a former first-round pick of the Raiders in 2013 who survived a near-fatal hit to the main vein of his heart during a practice in 2012.

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Maryanne Trump Barry, 86.

Rosalynn Carter.


Sad news. The fact that Jimmy outlived her is something you would’ve got good odds on a few months back.

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Former Tiger pitcher, 1984 Cy Young winner and MVP Willie Hernandez, 69


He and I are the same age and yet it seems like yesterday I was watching him work.

That’s a damn strong bullet point to a career.

Sorry to hear he’s passed.

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Mars Williams of the Psychedelic Furs, aged 68 years.