2023 ALDS Game 4 Astros @ Twins, October 11, 2023

Fuck it, let’s finish this!


Let’s fucking go!

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Third man and Espinosa Laranja Reserva Azulejo…engaged.

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Go get em Astros.

Altuve with a first pitch dribbler to SS. We didn’t get to see it though.

I see we’re choosing a seasick camera operator from behind the plate.

That was ridiculous.

Bregman gets a 3-1 cookie down the middle and pops up.

First pitch is at Alvarez’s head, the crowd loves it…flies out

No score

Mouthbreathers cheer the chin music to Yordan

People cheer for an up and in pitch to Alvarez, WTF?!?!

Astros down quickly on 10 pitches.

And we’re off. Leadoff double.

Not ideal

That’s an easy triple of Julien isn’t pimping out of the box.

Julien finds the gap

Double play!

Peña flashing the leather!


Pena time!

Pena’s the man on D!

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