2023 ALDS Game 4 Astros @ Twins, October 11, 2023

Well, that was awesome

1-0 twins

Well, that was not awesome at all

Well, thank goodness for the DP

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Right on right change ups, not usually a good strategy

Absolute floating 2-strike changeup, belt high right down the middle. Couldn’t have tossed a better pitch to hit with a fungo.

Fuck Jose, did you put perfume on that invite?

End of one…1-0 Twins

Urquidy often zeroes in on the middle of the plate.

Hope he’s got that out of his system.

Could have been worse

Gotta get one back now.

Tucker has not been good the last month.

Game 2 offense showing up.


Uncle Mike!

That’s my favorite uncle!!


Uncle Mike! So fucking smooth

Uncle Mike tells me politely where to stick my opinions.

Mikey baby!

God bless Michael Brantley.

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