2023 ALDS Game 1: Twins @ Astros, October 7, 2023

Let’s fucking go!!!


Third man, and EP Carillo Allegiance…engaged.

What channel?

MLB Network to start.

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Suboptimal start. Leadoff walk

Leadoff walks are never bad

Single puts two Twins on


Runner at 3B, two out

4-pitch walk…Twins on the corners


Middle of one…no score.

FS 2 for me

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It’s on both FS2, which I’d never heard of, and MLB Network. They’ll switch to FS1 at the conclusion of the Rangers/O’s

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Me neither. Supposed to be showing racing from Toledo at the moment.

Thats a baaaaaad man

First pitch of the Postseason…1-0 Astros

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Holy shit.

What an amazing player.

Called it.

I’m stuck with the radio for now. No MLB TV or FS2 with Hulu live.