2023 ALDS Game 1: Twins @ Astros, October 7, 2023

Popup Bregman

Alvarez carved the fuck up on three pitches

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You’re four pitches ahead of me wtf.

Tucker with a double!

Are you new here?


Sorry. I forget

Alvarez just straight up shit himself. That was awful.

Abreu pops up

But the Astros grab the early 1-0 lead

Correa with a leadoff single, a 28-hopper that hits the bat at 2B

JV really struggling with command

Base hit puts two on again

GIDP end the inning

1-0 Astros.

Stop playing with fire

Fucker’s usually only one pitch ahead. Four seems excessive. I guess those solar flares are legit.

Just like we planned it.

Who’s the 3rd guy in the booth?

It’s like there’s a repulsive force on the edges, either funneling pitches to the middle or pushing out of the zone.

If you’re asking about the TV announcers, Twins vs. Astros: Adam Amin/A.J. Pierzynski/Adam Wainwright/Tom Verducci

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Have you checked your stream? You didn’t hit pause, did you?

I don’t know but I’m fixin to Worrell their asses and get the radio going. For some reason I forgot how terrible these postseason broadcasts are.

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First thing I did. Factually, second thing I did. First thing I did was utter an oath.