2023 ALCS Game 3

2b Altuve
LF Brantley
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
1b Abreu
RF Tucker
CF Dubon
SS Pena
C Maldonado

P Javier

Down 2-0? Fine. Let’s fucking do it and be legends.


Good post right out of the gate. It is obvious that the Astros’ failure in the first two games is directly attributable to the fact that OWA posters are using fuck and it’s variations much to infrequently. We are two for two at the start. Let’s keep it up.


Let’s fucking go.


I’ve never been so goddamn offended in my whole fucking life.

You’re a young man, you’ve got plenty of time to be even more offended.

Fuckity fuck fuck fuck, o’fuck-o-rama, fucksticks on fuck-toast.

Knock knock

Who’s there?

Go fuck yourself, Rangers


Fuck arlington.

Let’s go Astros.

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I’m pretty sure the team were playing is officially know as the Arlington Fucksticks.


Well, fuck. I guess we need to do a better fucking job. I for one, am ready to get a motherfucking win


Game 3. Where every fuck is given.

Where’s your fuck?

eta: I guess follow up posts don’t fucking need them, sorry.

Happy as fuck to see Dubon in the lineup!

You better look out because I’m gonna say FUCK!

Should be next year’s slogan. ‘Ready to Reign’ was kind of dumb, especially since they have been. It tempts the BBGs


Hope the RISPs get better and we can score some runs - and avoid lackluster defensive play.

Two things that have killed us.

Let’s not rely solely on fucking HRs.


Let’s beat the ever living fuck out of the Rangers tonight and get back in the series.

I am fully prepared to be infuriated by Javier, as I usually am. But hopefully not too many “FUCK!”s

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There’s only one thing we can do here, mama…

I gotta dingadingdang my dangalonglinglong

Fuck yeahs not withstanding

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