2022 World Cup

Qatar with the soccer version of a butt-fumble. But they should’ve had a penalty shortly before - defenders will get a call for that same contact multiple times every game.

Whoa, looks like some stuff went down in the last 15 mins of the Wales-Iran match.

That was a violent collision but why a red card?

The rule is, essentially, “reckless endangerment”.

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Does anywhere on the web have replays of full games and not just highlights?

Chalking off Ecuador’s goal was nonsense. The keeper was already on the ground and completely out of the play.

VAR having a bad day so far…

I disagree. I think he might still have had a chance if he could see the ball clearly, but he couldn’t because of the guy who was offside. Sucks, because Ecuador deserved a goal.

They just got their deserved goal.

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Ecuador is much better than I thought.


Yes. Clearly offside and potentially blocking goalie’s view and/or route to the ball. ECU in with a draw vs. SEN though.

The Dutch have a lay up against Qatar, so Ecuador vs. Senegal becomes an early knockout game.

Fun Fact: Both managers in this game have played for Crystal Palace.

Oh, McKennie. Damn.

Pretty good first half for the US. We are shockingly bad from corners. That second one that Mcguire headed out was a great delivery but there is just no movement in the box. I know it’s hard for national teams to implement set piece routines but its like they are actually wanting to just stand around

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One of these set pieces has got to work for US eventually, right?

Would have taken a draw before the game. That said, that game was there for the taking


Not a soccer fan here, so, is a tie against England pretty impressive?

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One of the most entertaining yet slightly frustrating 0-0 draws I can recall.

Now imagine how the England fans feel.


Angry and frustrated.

US was the more deserving team. England seemed to think it was going to be a cakewalk and couldn’t react when it wasn’t.

Both now have win-and-in games to play on Tuesday.

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But Iran already has three points in hand, and they will be turtling like Claude Lemieux…

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