2022 World Cup

I don’t understand why FIFA haven’t simply said “Russia, you’re out of this cycle. We’ll see about 2026 after we see if your behavior improves.” Why is this such a tough decision?

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My friend’s explanation: corrupt organization.


That seems like the most likely explanation.

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They make the IOC look like choir boys.


They just banned Kenya and Zimbabwe from intl competition due to “government interference”.

Russia is still participating in WC qualifying.

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I think countries should be boycotting this WC over the corruption in its award and the human rights violations of its infrastructure construction.

If Russia stays in, that’s just the umpteenth reason to boycott.

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This is why I follow rugby, the game they play in Heaven.


FIFA really came down hard on the Russian team: they can’t use the Russian flag.

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That’ll show ‘em.

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Thank God the Metropolitan Opera is standing firm.

Corrupt to the last.

They have to know that Russia can’t pay the bribes anymore. That’s what has me stumped.


They aren’t giving up on the spiggot being turned on again sometime in the future.

Similarly, F1 hasn’t cancelled the Russian GP, they merely stated that they cannot go ahead with it given the current circumstances. The Russian-sponsored Haas team is removing the Russian colors from its cars, but still is heavily funded by GazProm oligarch Dmitry Mazepin and still has his fucking useless garbage human son Nikita as one of its drivers.

The sports-washing with Russian blood money is starting to leave a stain.

The Olympic Committee has urged its component sports to prohibit Russian and Belarus participation. As I recall, they don’t control the component sports governance.

FIFA actually did the right thing


Liverpool wins League Cup You’ll Never Walk Alone

USMNT draws England, Iran, and the winner of the Scotland/Wales/Ukraine playoff.

You’d like to think they have a decent chance to advance from that group.

I don’t trust them.