2022 roster

It’s looking more and more like the 2022 outfield situation is in good shape.

Much better than entering 2021.

The team needs to focus on shortstop and an ace starter.

Bringing back Correa, Verander, and Graveman would be fine with me.

Can we finish the 2021 season before we dive too deeply into 2022? We’ve got a stretch run and hopefully postseason rosters to bicker about


Rookies sometime do not understand the power of BBGs.

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I didn’t realize the makeup of the 2022 Houston Astros team was a taboo topic on a Houston Astros fan message board site.

I will comment on COVID, Trump, and unfair laws in Texas…


Unlike the 2022 Astros, these are relevant.


There you go again….

Will Verlander’s baby be arbitration eligible in 2045? I’ll hang up and listen.

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I think the Yankmes are interested in signing him, so we probably should not get too invested.

golf clap

The intersection area in the Venn diagram between Houston and Detroit is probably 500% greater than that same intersection area between Houston and New York. And I have heard from multiple sources that they like living in Houston. I can’t imagine anything about New York being attractive to somebody who likes living in Houston.

Your sarc-o-meter needs calibration


Something tells me yours might as well.

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Cots contracts has updated their site and dropped the free agents from the Astros roster for 2022

Some highlights:

Estimated just over $157 mil payroll as currently constructed. Includes arbitration estimates.

Maldinado’s extension and Pressly’s vesting have been updated.

Maldonado will hit the important 10 year mark ( pension vesting) in 2022.

39 players on 40 man roster before 2018 college/over age 18 signees and 2017 high school/ under 19 signers are added or exposed to the rule 5 draft.

Those include Jeremy Pena, Joe Perez, several pitchers and a few other position players of note.

2026 looks like it could be a crazy and potentially tragic free agent class : Framber, Raley, James, Tucker, Javier, Alvarez, Taylor, and Bielak.

I remember in 2016 “worrying” about the 2020/21 free agent classes and here we are again worrying-ahead. It’s funny, I long thought 2022 was going to be the start of another dark period for the Astros. I’m coming to the conclusion that the Crane+Analytics GM combo might instead be a recipe for sustained success.

I agree and hope so.

There is a lot of time between now and 2026.

I was just pointing out interesting points

Well here we go.

Strom resigned his position and Correa said goodbye to the fans in a tweet.

Still lots going on on November.

In addition to awards, we have:

Eligible players without a 2022 contract are now free agents, as of 9am eastern this morning.

11/3-11/6 free agents may only negotiate with their former (2021) team.

11/7 teams make QO to those they can and choose to

11/7 Free agents can negotiate with any team

119-11 GM meetings

11/17 players must decide if they accept QO

11/19 teams must add eligible minor leaguers ( Astros have tons) to the 40 man roster to protect them from the rule 5 draft.

12/1 non tender deadline to offer contracts to players under team control.

12/1 11:59pm EST CBA expires.

12/6-9 winter meetings

12/9 rule 5 draft.

I’ve done a lot of digging, and Correa has not said anything to the effect that he won’t consider a reasonable offer from the organization. His last tweet was October 24, and I didn’t find anything from last night on his Instagram page, either. What I did find is Correa telling the fans that the last seven years here were the best of his life and that he became a man in Houston during the final press conference of the World Series. Not arguing that he stays, but this isn’t Gerrit Cole part two.

In fact, Altuve told Julia Morales after last night’s game:


Then what did I read?

I’m going to look back.

It may have been a before coffee moment, sorry.

It was from. McTaggart last night. 12 hrs ago.
(I can’t figure out how to put the Twitter here)

“Correa on his message to the fans. ‘To the fans. I want to say thank you for your support. My time here was amazing. . I got here as a boy and turned into a man’”

Doesn’t sound like someone expecting to be back.

Although I still think they will make him a bigger offer. I hope its big enough.