2022 NFL Playoffs

Bengals get their first playoff win in 31 years, ending the longest active dry streak in pro sports. Raiders had a chance, but didn’t help themselves in the last minute, wasting a play clocking the ball from the 8 yard line with 30 seconds left. But congrats to the Bengals, they’ve put together a really nice season.

I think Burrow is going to be really, really good. He’s already pretty good. And it helps to have Chase on the other end of those throws.

I’m hoping New England now goes through a Cowboys-esque decades-long stretch of frustration.

They are getting absolutely pantsed by the Bills.

The Pats are too well coached to lose to bad teams, not talented enough to beat good teams.

Off the top of my head, seems like the best combo in the NFL right now. Maybe Rodgers/Adams compares.


Playoff futility continues for Jerry’s team. How awful.

Last 8 or so minutes were entertaining

At least they make the playoffs.

McCarthy gets fired tomorrow. McNair/Caserio immediately hire him.

They’d wait a couple days.

Holy shit…you have one last play from the 40 yard line and you call a QB draw up the middle? Multiple people need to get fired.

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Yeah, that one works also.

The timing for that to work is too risky.

But penalties (not the refs) absolutely killed them. And they were bad in a lot of other areas too.


I didn’t notice them showing Jerry stewing up in his box. I would have liked to see that.

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The refs tried to hand them the game. The fix was in, and they still called that play to end the game. Just stunningly stupid.

The fix was in? Never seen a “fix” where the team that you want to win has 12 more penalties than the team you don’t.


Amazing, huh?

You must be kidding. How the fuck were the refs helping Dallas? If the fix were in, the defensive holding penalty on Gregory would not have been called.