2022 Arizona Fall League

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Interesting group … Schreiber missed most of the season this year due to injury, but looked to be on a fast track before. Sprinkle moved to the bullpen full time the year, and Kouba was hot and cold as a (mostly) tandem starter. Colton Gordon stands out to me as the one to watch, though.

Agree about Gordon. He’s not currently on any of the prospect lists but I think that changes over the next few months as those lists get further updates.

As far as Schreiber, the writeup by the MLB Pipeline folks notes that he missed most of this season due to having back surgery in the spring. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen disclosed the nature of his injury. I’m not sure a college guy who’s been in the system since 2018 and hasn’t gotten past AA is on the fast track to anything.