2021 Rule 5 draft

There are 57 players in the minor league system currently eligible for the rule 5 draft.

The deadline to add these players to the 40 man roster, thereby protecting them, is November 19, so prior to the CBA expiring.

The 40 man roster currently is at 38.

The rule 5 draft is currently scheduled for 12/8/2021 but could clearly be effected by the CBA expiring.

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There are currently 8 players on this list.

Of those, only 3 really appear to be rule 5 options, in my opinion.

  1. Michael Papierski. Switch hitter spent 2021 at AAA. According to Astros Future, he is the best defensive catcher in the system and pitchers love throwing to him. He improved his BB, K, and linedrive and ground ball rates this year. His hitting stats were close to league avg (98 wRC+, .754 OPS) which is good for a defense first catcher.

  2. Scott Manea. MLBpipeline #18 prospect. Older player will be 26 next year profiles as solid at both offense and defense but won’t stand out in either.

  3. Yainer Diaz. MLBpipeline#13 prospect. Hit first catcher who is truly talented with the bat. Lacking development behind the plate but the Astros liked him enough to ask for him in the Straw/Maton deal. Probably doesn’t have a chance to stick if selected because his glove is behind his bat and has not played above A+ ball.

Is there some reason for this new thread?

I just thought the 2021 rule 5 should be separate from the 2020 thread we have been posting on.

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My opinion means nothing: there should be one thread, there’s not that many posts in any single one

I like that he did it. Makes it easier to search for later.


Good point. I missed the year designation. I also hate losing the ongoing conversation in the other thread though. Too bad no e of us thought to make a new thread earlier.

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In addition to the players I mentioned in the other thread:

Jeremy Pena
Joe Perez
Shawn Dubin
Yainer Diaz
Alex McKenna
Jose Alberto Rivera
Jojanse Torres

Jake Kaplan in the Athletic a few other notable players who are eligible (fwiw, he also mentioned Perez):

JP France
Jonathan Bermudez
Ronel Blanco
Parker Mushinski

Bermudez is the one I would hate to lose – a long shot to stick anywhere, but as mentioned before, a bad team can hide someone in the bullpen and use him only in mop-up situations. I think he could turn out to be something special.

Bermuda is one who I think is very likely to get picked and also stick if not protected.

Older ( experienced) lefthander who has very high K rate and is organization’s pitcher of the year .

J.P. France and Nick Hernandez are similar older high K pitchers ( but righthanded)

Others of note

Brett Conine RHP - BA#29 prospect

R.J. Freure, Chad Donato, Angel Macuare, and Joe Record are all pitchers that got sent to the AFL so I imagine the Astros at least are still looking at them.

David Hensley - an older. Experienced and versatile infielder coming off a good season. Can play all 4 infield positions so easy to put at the back of the bench.

Emnanual Valdez 22 year old 2B who led the farm in HR and had a good season overall.

J.J. Matijevic. 1b/OF/DH Previously ranked on several team top prospect lists who discovered more of a power stroke in the second half of the year.

Macuare is one to watch (IMO). And Valdez also plays 3B well. Hensley is versatile, but I doubt he has MLB talent. And I doubt anyone will pick Matijevic (or miss him much if he is picked).

I’ll hazard a guess as to roster moves with just a short bit left until the deadline:

  • Jeremy Pena gets added, taking the place of a dropped Freudis Nova;
  • Jonathan Bermudez gets added;
  • Shaw Dubin gets added;
  • To make room for the pitchers, they’ll drop a pitcher, with the three most likely candidates being Enoli, Josh James, Rafael Montero, and Jairo Solis. Solis had Tommy John in June last year, so he’s my guess.

My guess is it will not be Montero.

Verlander has not been added to the roster, and I don’t know when he will be

But if these 3 get added then an additional player will need to be jettisoned as well. But not necessarily by the rule 5 deadline.

Per mlbtraderumors, the Astros put Kent Emanuel on waivers and the Phillies claimed him.

Well that sucks

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It looks like:

Bermudez, Dubin. Pena, and Perez are added to 40.

Emanuel and Nova waived.

Emanuel was claimed Nova wasn’t.

Roster is at 40 but Verlander will still need to be added at some point.

Surely his parents were philosophy majors

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