2021 roster

What will the 2021 team look like

2 holes in the outfield

2016 high school/2017 college draft picks must be exposed to rule 5 or put on 40 man roster

Many young pitchers played but were not on 40 man last year.

How does luxury tax effect the roster composition

What do you guys think?

What else?

Here a link to the 40-man.

As of today (October 26, 2020) this includes Springer, Brantley, et. al.

I think there is plenty of time to see who they dfa, who they sign, who they trade and who they protect from the rule 5 draft.

We should know a bit more during by the end of the winter meetings.

Oh - and don’t forget the impact of covid economy on the willingness of teams to spend having an impact this off season.

Oh and you might want to check out this thread to see what the guys AND gals think about the moves the team needs to make. There is an old saying around her “read more, post less.”


Thanks for the link. I was looking for a post about this before I created this one. I didn’t think to look at the recap 2020 post.

Thanks again

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I estimate the 40 man to be at about $160 mil. Without Springer, Brantley, Reddick, and Peacock, and non-tendering Osuna and Devenski,

Thats using MLBtraderumors arb. estimates

I wonder what they are expecting the budget to be?

You joined today? Read more, post less.

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Thank you for the warm welcome.

I joined because I was looking for a place to interact with other Astros fans and share ideas not JUST read what other people write.

You are the second person who has told me to “shut up and read what other people write”

Clearly I’m not welcome here.

Glad it only took a couple of hours to figure out

Good bye and good riddance.

Well that didn’t take long.

Jim S, that’s a bit of a rite of passage around here.

Feel free to circle back anytime. We’ll still be here solving the world’s problems.

And the rest of you try be nice to newcomers. At least until they put their foot in their mouth.

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Yeah, as new blood goes he seemed harmless. Hopefully he’ll return.

or a troll outed himself before anyone else could.

I concede I am offensive to many (most???) of you, but Duman is about as mild-mannered as they come.

I think the dude went through several of the troll steps, but I have not read them in awhile. “Read more, post less” IS a rite of passage.

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I think Duman was very nice. I also think the new guy did not listen.



I have been messaging with Jim and invited him back. We’ll see.


I am reading posts.

As I said in my response to Coach: hopefully we will laugh about this in a few months.


Meanwhile the Astros informed their full time employees today that they will be enacting furloughs and layoffs soon. That really sucks.

Inevitable, and yes, it sucks.

I think the Stros should sign good players, but they can’t do that until the WS is over. Preferably they sign their own good players. If not, then other good players would be good.

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For those of us on the other side of the country, whats with the Creighton guy from 97.5 saying George doesn’t want to be back?

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Abreu is injured?