2021 Postseason Awards

Astros finalists for Gold Glove:


(And former Astro Myles Straw)

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Correa won the Fielding Bible Award at SS

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I hope Gurriel wins one. He deserves recognition.


If Gurriel does not win, the fix was on.


I wonder if anyone has ever won the batting title and a gold glove in the same year before? Yuli would certainly deserve it.

Mookie Betts in '18 and I’m sure there were others, especially back in the day of GGs being given to guys with great offensive seasons or based on reputation.

eta: oh yeah, there’s a bunch: Ichiro, Mauer, Derek Lee, Carlos Gonzalez, Catpiss Walker, Bernie Williams, etc…

Hah, you didn’t have to go far back for that one. I was thinking that Ichiro was a good candidate for pulling off that feat.

I thought Altuve might have done it, but it looks like he managed to weave them together–his batting titles were 2014/2016/2017, and his batting title was 2015.

How many have done so while also sporting a magnificent head of fruit shaped hair?


Outstanding point.

Gurriel and Correa win!


Congrats to Yuli!! He earned and deserves that honor.


Obviously Correa is living the dream and will reap the well deserved rewards of his prodigious talent and skill.

But 37 year old Yuli Gurriel won the batting title and the Gold Glove.

His prime years were spent in Cuba. Who knows what he and we missed out on?

Congrats, Piña.

Nosotros te amamos.


Keith Law must be furious.

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Keith Law should consider himself lucky people pay to read his garbage opinions.

Is he kinda like the Cuban Ichiro?

Yeah but if Ichiro’s father were Sadaharu Oh.

Ichiro started in the MLB when he was 27 and played until he was 43 and tried to play until he was 45. Gurriel was 32 when he started and I guess we’ll see how far he gets.

I saw Ichiro in ST when he was a “rookie.” My oh my, he could fly.

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Ichiro came in with 80 hit, 75 speed, and 80 arm. We will not see his like soon.

His speed was about 105. I saw him beat out a routine grounder to 2B because the infielder had no clue.