2021 Dead Pool

Chris Hayes shows us how to express this moment:

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I hope the agony of his dying days was as impactful as the hate he spewed for decades. Good riddance.


My favorite take on Twitter (can’t find it now) said, “Now is not the time to celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s death. Now is the time to mourn his life.”


Yaphet Kotto, 81.

Was on the short list to portray Jean-Luc Picard, if you can believe that.

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I’ll always remember him as Mr. Big in Live and Let Die, but he was a prolific character actor. He was a bit of a “that guy”, someone you recognize, even if you don’t know or remember his name.

Lived him as “G” on Homicide: Life on the Street."

He was great as Parker in Alien.


Kickass supporting role in Midnight Run—one of my all time favorite movies.


Serrano’s got the disks!

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I’m a white collar criminal.

You and that other dummy better start getting more personally involved in your work, or I’m gonna stab you through the heart with a fucking pencil.

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Watch your cigarettes with this guy, Jack!

Yeah? Well here’s two words for you: shut the fuck up.

Yaphet Kotto’s Twitter, November 6, 2016:

Throughout our country’s history, the Republican Party has pushed the most Civil Rights laws through. They ended Slavery, pushed for legislation to give my people the right to vote, even Martin Luther King I believe was a Republican. But what cannot be debated is the reality that Republicans have kept us in war and in debt…maybe growing up in Harlem and the South Bronx I became a little more desperate for change after the promises of congressman Adam Clayton Powell brought us nothing. Brothers and sisters were being gunned down in those days too, just like now in 2016. But after living my whole life under the democratic umbrella, I could see that whites were a great deal better off than us but I was also aware of the fact that Republicans were the ones that tried to limit the amount of free stuff that a lot of my people received!
My Hebrew African father refused to take their handouts. It didn’t matter to him if they put a time limit on their welfare. Manga Bell Kotto and his Cameroonian Hebrew brothers from African refused to have anything to do with the welfare, its because of my father’s insistence about that I was forced to look closely at the republican party, and started to ask myself questions like why are our black brothers and sisters better educated and seemed to be living better under the GOP than we were in the democratic party and they weren’t even on the welfare?
One thing for sure, the Kotto family was right on the poverty line where we could have been constricted or broken by the GOP policies or weakened by the so-called handouts that were being offered by the Democrats out stretched hand of welfare, we were between the devil and the deep blue sea…Economic woes caused my parents to divorce, with my father gone my mother went on the welfare, we were penniless at sixteen the welfare made me quit school to find a job to help supplement mother’s check. It was then I resolved to make the change. I had no money to take the bus and train to get to Manhattan to look for a job. It was then that I decided to walk from the South Bronx to Warren Street in lower Manhattan to get what they called ‘Day work’. I got up at five in the morning put linoleum in my shoes to cover the holes and walked to Manhattan. It was a four-hour journey that strengthen my character but led me to day work on Warren Street and away from the outstretched hand from the welfare
One things for sure, I wasn’t thinking about some policy that was practiced 300 years ago, during my long leg numbing walk to Manhattan to find a Day job.
Some of us need help to climb out of the dire conditions passed on through generations of persecution. Some of us don’t, I walked out of the ghetto and eventually walked onto a Hollywood sound stage and into a film called Live and Let Due and Alien and seventy-two films. I have been walking ever since and after 30 years of walking with the democrats who believe it will take generations to break this repetitive welfare, slave mentality cycles, I am walking away from them and will walk for a while with the Republican Party. Mr Trump, do what you said you were going to do for my people…Mrs. Clinton says we are SUPER PREDATOIRS. We are NOT super predators, we are not lazy, my Panamanian, spanish mother was not needy, she legally came to this country from Panama and became an officer in the United States Army. She gave birth to a man, as it said in my very first Hollywood motion picture, Nothing but a man. that’s who I am. Nothing but a man one of the many sons of God and a proud citizen of the United States of America! So, count me in on the Trump train and if that bothers some of my friends in Hollywood, we can meet any day in the week at Gold’s gym and settle our problems in the ring!!!

… Wat?


Can we have at least one non-political thread in the B&Q?


Especially since dead people can’t actually technically vote.

Not a chance.