2020 ALDS Game 4, A's @ Astros, October 8, 2020

Well…let’s go ahead and end this thing today, fellas.

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Capital idea.

Brantley DH
Tucker LF
Reddick RF batting 8th

Let’s play our best game of the series and send the A’s packing today.

Well, that was inane drivel from the field reporter.

One pitch, one out.

Whew. First pitch had me worried.


Semian F9 on first pitch

La Stella back after the elbow beaning, 5-3 in the shift

Laz Diaz behind the dish.

Dunno the technical umpire stuff-that is Mark’s area-but I like Laz’s demeanor in a game.

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Good first inning

Great play.

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Beauty of a play Altuve!

Good play, Jose! Let’s get Greinke some runs.

Pinder 4-3 on a nice spinning stop/throw by Altuve

Mid 1
No score

I will forever be grateful for his shoulder stopping Devo’s pickoff throw in WS G2.


My impression of Laz is generally that he’s decent behind the plate, but not by any means great.

He seems like he’s got a great attitude, and comes across generally as a good guy.

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Bottom 1

Montas pitching

Springer 5-3

George had a pitch to hit.