2020 ALDS Game 4, A's @ Astros, October 8, 2020

Springer should have hit that one a mile.

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Altuve jammed, lines out softly to second

Holy shit that was a terrible call

Brantley lines 100 mph FB right to SS position

End 1, no score

I assume that was Pinder in the shift.

Only guy on that side of course the ball finds him.

It was Semien.

Hope Greinke gets 4 inches off the plate

No shit. Strike one to Brantley was a good three ball widths off the plate.

Top 2

Davis gets some love from blue, 3-2, Ks swinging

Good pitch on 3-2 by Zack.


Olson singles to right


Another shiftfuck.

He it right where Jose would normally be.

Canha singles up the middle.

2 slow rollers get thru.

Keep throwing ground balls though


Let’s roll a pair.

Did Greinke’s delivery on that curve look weird to anybody else?