2020 ALCS Game 6, Astros @ Rays, October 16, 2020

Let’s even this series tonight!

Let’s go!

Let’s. Fucking. Go.

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I belive it’s…“let’s FUCKING GO!!”

I also want to see some vaunting from the Astros’ offense today.

Shut the door.

Air conditioning the whole neighborhood…

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Called strike, swinging strike, Ball, Ball, called strike three

Well that was poor preparation.

Wondering if he was gonna sneak a FB in there.

Have they ever showed a camera view from behind HP to let us see what the shadows actually look like? Broadcast sure likes to talk about it.

Just then.

As requested.

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Ball, Ball, called strike, Ball, swings and misses at ball four (ball five actually), fouled away, Ball. Walk

Nice AB

Good ears by Altuve.

Brantley likes low pitches well enough.

Send Altuve here 3-2



Called strike, Ball, Ball, Ball, fouled away, strikeout, throw out double play.

Tough jump?

Dead duck.

That’s on Brantley. He has to either make contact or take the pitch. It was way out of the zone.