2020 ALCS Game 6, Astros @ Rays, October 16, 2020

H and R?

I think Brantley just didn’t pick up the slider.

It’s a H/BB and R. Didn’t work out.

Altuve has to make sure Snell goes to the plate. Onus is on the hitter to make contact if it’s a strike or take ball four. It was ball four, but he took a whack anyway.

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Ump not giving the high strike so far.

Darling just used the word “coterie”.

Pitch 2 was a strike

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Swinging strike, Ball (WTF, blue), called strike (should be strike three), K’s on a good curveball

shitty ball call.

Uncle Charlie in da house!

nice Alex

Nice play by Bregs

So glad Valdez left that alone


Ball, grounds out to Bregman on a swinging bunt

Not even enough time to tell us about chicken and rice.

Timmons squeezing Framber early


Ball, fouled away, Ball, Ball, swings over a curveball, K’s him on a curve!

After 1 inning, no score

Well done Framber.

Those curves were a thing of beauty

Nice job. Not bad at all.

Breaking balls are gonna be tough to hit next few innings for both teams