Zoom for tonight's game

We did a zoom conference for opening day, and I kept meaning to do another and never got around to it. Any interest in one tonight?

Sure, I’m up for it.

i should be available

Sounds fun, I’m in

I’ve set the conference room up for 6:30 central. The id is 961 2400 7887, no password. If you want to use the link, this is it: https://nortonrosefulbright.zoom.us/j/96124007887


I am in. My dance card for tonight seems to be open.

There’s a fairly good chance I’ll be there, and no Happy Hour to interfere with full-time cursing and yelling this go-round.

O/u for fucks thrown around set at 487.5

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I had fun the first time.

Is it 2-3-2 for home/visitors?


Thanks for hosting last night, Neil.

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Indeed, Neil. Thank you.

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