Yuli Gurriel

I’d love to have Yuli back to fill utility role. I bet that he could fill in the outfield as well.


Super utility guy, DH, clubhouse glue guy.

Get it done, Crane et al.

I haven’t followed off-season stuff, but Yuli as a utility outfielder isn’t really being proposed, is it?

I’m sure he could play LF in a pinch, but if he plays anything other than an emergency the Astros have big problems.


Utility infield. As Matt says, LF only if all other OFers are hospitalized.

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Dubon can go.

Just freeze him until the playoffs.

Dubon is a valuable utility player.


You must be joking.

No. If he were joking, he would say “What do you do with an elephant with three balls? Walk him and pitch to the rhino.”


Dubon is a very useful guy to have around. I think they had to use him too much in CF last year, and if he plays that much again it means they still haven’t addressed the problem in CF, but…he’s a handy guy. Between Brantley, Alvarez, McCormick, Tucker, Dubon, and hopefully someone else to play CF, Gurriel should not be seen in the outfield.


First, welcome.

Dubón was the last guy on the roster, so expectations should have been adjusted accordingly.

From that last spot he was able to play multiple positions reasonably well.

Offensively, he was the last man on the roster. No ‘last man’ is going to rake.

The Meyers injury and struggle coming back forced him to play more CF than anyone would have liked.

So the value wasn’t the sort that shows up on the back of a baseball card, but it was value.

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I understand his value. If Meyers or Lee or Julks steps up, he will be dfa’d

Those are huge “if”s

Not Lee. Dubon will still be on the active roster.

None of Meyers, Lee, or Julks can play shortstop.

Neither can Yuli (to my knowledge despite what Bregman says)

I’m not sure how the organization feels about Hensley and/or Bregman’s ability to play short.

These are the factors that will determine whether Dubon is too valuable to DFA. Meyers, Lee, and Julks have no bearing on this.

Small sample size but Hensley and Bregman can play short if Yuli is resigned.

I’m pretty sure Hensley would say his primary position is SS but has played elsewhere bc asked to do so by organization.

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And Taylor Jones played a lot of 3B in the minors, yet the Astros didn’t play him there at the MLB level.

Hensley may be able to play SS in the bigs. I didn’t say he couldn’t. I simply said there may be a question. He is a big man and may not have the range for the position. Or he may.

With the shift being eliminated the third baseman needs a lot of range. Also the 2nd baseman. I just hope we fill our roster from within. I’m not fond of any of the free agents out there or any of the trade possibilities.