Your top 10 all-time Astros/Colt 45s

New here, just curious what your favorite STROS are, this may be biased due to age and this isn’t the top performers, just who you like. (Tried to limit it to 5 but had to expand it to 10)

  1. Don Wilson
  2. Larry Dierker
  3. Jose Altuve
  4. JR Richard
  5. Jose Cruz
  6. Yordan
  7. Bregman
  8. Toy Cannon
  9. Ryan
  10. The Red Rooster

The advice historically given to new people is “read more, post less” until you determine what kind of site this is. I do not think it is a poll or top ten site, but I could be wrong. We’ll see how your question is received. OWA has been around a very long time, and the regular posters have been here a good while too.

Considering you left off the two greatest Astros of all time, I’m not sure what to make of your list.



Sorry… won’t post a thread again.

Roman Mejias and Ron Brand, duh.


Post all you want, just find it curious that Bagwell or Biggio wouldn’t on the list to chose from.

That is not what I said, but pout if you want. Post as much as you want also.

Such rankings always require some parameters.

For example:

If you asked me, who is the greatest Astros pitcher of all time, my mind would quickly jump to Nolan Ryan.

But if it’s the best pitcher to ever wear an Astros uniform, then it’s Randy Johnson.

And if it’s the best career in an Astros uniform, I’d say it’s Oswalt or Dierker.

It’s only Ryan if it’s some amorphous mix of those criteria.

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Loved them both but like I said this wasn’t about the best Astros, was just curious who the posters favorites were…Wilson, Dierker, Wynn and Rooster made a huge impression on me as a kid who lived and breathed baseballand lived at the Dome, totally was not meant as a slight to those two.

Fair enough. I read it as a poll. Bagwell is my favorite. And it’s not really close.


I see what you’re saying but I was just curious who were posters favorites not who was the best…loved Art Howe and Menke and Metzger but they aren’t all-time greats. Maybe it was just a stupid question from a new poster. I truly apologize.

Thanks, not pouting just don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers…

Not stupid at all. I would agree with the comment that this isn’t much of a “poll” type of place.

And yes, Bagwell is my favorite

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Bagwell and Biggio we’re awesome but other players made a bigger impression on me probably because I was a little kid going to games with my Dad. In no way discounting their greatness.

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No feathers ruffled. I simply was trying to tell you what kind of place this is. OWA is a great site for baseball discussion. Welcome aboard.

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Thanks…went to my first game in 1962 and have been in love with the Astros ever since…my Dad loved Nellie Fox.

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Nellie Fox was my hero as a kid. Used a Nellie Fox model thick handle bat in Little League. Had to settle for a whole Tootsie Roll stuffed in my cheek until I got my first plug of Day’s Work. I was overjoyed when came on with the .45s.

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  1. Daryle Ward
  2. Jose Cabrera
  3. James Mouton
  4. Tim Redding
  5. Mitch Meluskey
  6. Carlos Hernandez
  7. Glenn Barker
  8. Tripp Cromer
  9. Chris Holt
  10. Paul Bako

Bagwell is everything the Houston Astros are about. He is my favorite as well and always will be.