Yordan's postseason run

The graphic last night about players with 10+ runs and 10+ RBI made me think back to Beltran’s amazing 2004 postseason. Let’s caveat that Beltran kept this up over 12 games, but:

Beltran: .435/.536/1.022
Alvarez: .407/.467/1.148

And granted, Beltran was playing amazing defense in CF. But here’s the thing: at the time, I felt like I was watching Beltran have an out-of-body experience that could never be replicated. With Yordan, I just feel like this is what he can do - I’m not surprised by it.

We’re so lucky to watch the prime years of this guy’s career.



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The thing about Beltran’s run I remember most was the thrill of having the hottest baseball player going playing for my team.


We were there for his homer in the 8th in the game before Kent’s walkoff. I have never heard a stadium that loud before or since Whatever white noise is, that was it.


That was the one off Taverez on a pitch in the dirt. What a thrilling run that was.