Yankees at Astros, 9/3/23

Dusty Baker is so actively harmful to this team.

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I’d just like to see Javier get through a couple of innings without giving up seven runs.


Or seven walks.

Bullpen game for the Yanks. Normally I’d say that’s an advantage for the Stros but there’s been some struggles with those this year.

Twins and Mets giving a solid effort so far today. Pete Alonzo has had himself a game.

Twins just left the bases loaded in the fifth. They’re tied 3-3

Got 3 to tie it that inning, could have had more. Christian Vazquez has dropped off a cliff offensively since he left Boston.

It’s beyond poor managing at this point. McCormick and Diaz are everyday starters on over half the teams in the league, and Dusty continues to spot start them over other players. I want Baker gone so fucking bad. So bad that I hope they either win it all and his ass rides off in the sunset, or that we lose 25 straight and fire him. One of those is preferable to the other, but if it means Baker is gone, I’ll take the 25 L’s.

Alright Mets: 3 outs before you give up 3 runs…you can do it

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It’s not just that they are spot starters, it’s who they are behind in the pecking order. That Dubon and Maldonado start over anyone is beyond absurd.


Way to go Mets…you can go back to fucking yourselves now

Earlier in the 9th, the Mets broadcast said that the M’s hadn’t lost a game by more than 2 runs in 40 games. That’s impressive.


And if you insist that Maldonado and his pitcher Magic have to start, then Abreu should be behind Diaz.

Is there another catcher in recent memory who’s gotten as much playing time as Maldonado with measurable performance like his? I say measurable because by every metric he’s terrible (offense and defense), but I genuinely don’t want to discount his intangibles.

So basically what I’m getting at is: how valuable would those intangibles have to be to justify giving him this much playing time, and has any other team made similar decisions with another catcher? Especially considering that there’s another good catching option on the roster.

Twins tie it up in the 8th, Agent Smith in for the Rangers with 1st/2nd 1 out, Kepler & Correa due up

We’re forced to rely on Correia, who promptly shits the bed by grounding into an inning-ending DP with the bases loaded.

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Outside of framing, all defensive numbers have rebounded and are in the upper 20% of all catchers. He’s still been bottom of the barrel when it comes to framing.

Of course Diaz, the bat first, isn’t ready for the everyday role, backup catcher, is better in every single offensive and defensive catagory that we can measure. And I really do mean every. Single. Metric.

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Vazquez is 0-5, made the 3rd out 5 times, and left 8 runners on base

I hate Adolis Garcia

It was too much to hope for another Twins victory, anyway. Let’s hope the good guys play better this evening.