Yankees at Astros 6/30/22

Astros lineup. Yordan and Peña out.

Altuve - 2B
Diaz - LF
Tucker - RF
Bregman - 3B
Gurriel - 1B
Matijevic - DH
Dubon - SS
Meyers - CF
Maldy - C

Garcia pitching

Garcia works around a two out walk.

Altuve strikes out looking
Diaz singles up the middle
Tucker flies to CF, just missed it
Bregman hits one hard up the middle but the shift makes it an easy 4-3

End 1, 0-0

Jeff Bagwell slugged .900 for an entire month.

That’s insane.


Donaldson K swinging
Torres pops to CF
Trevino K swinging at one in the dirt

JJ hosed

Gurriel 6-3
Matejevic K looking
Dubon pops foul

Garcia walks the worst hitter on their team.


Big out.

Whew, needed that k


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Kiner-Falefa grounds 5-3
Gallo walks on a 3-1 pitch
LeMahieu bloops a single into CF
Judge pops to shallow CF
Rizzo K swinging at a slider inside

Mid 3, 0-0.

Garcia already over 60 pitches


They said it was the highest month for any Astro ever, but B-R shows Hidalgo with .952 for Sept. (plus the Oct games) in 2000

I remember Bagwell and Hidalgo both going nuts in the 2nd half of 2000

eta: and Moises

Good start.

It’s a gappah!

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A tweener

Rizzo is about 20 ft from the plate.


Well that was scary