Yankees @ Astros, September 2, 2023

Maybe Hunter gets through five innings, maybe not. Either way, it’s not what we were hoping for.

Need to rattle the bats, boys

Too much hacking at pitches in the dirt

Brantley is it’s another knock

It’s so good to have Uncle Mike back

I think Uncle Mike can get out of bed anytime and get hits. He’s just a professional hitter.


Yainer Time!

Astros take the lead



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Yainer Bock!

Just don’t let him sleep on the wrong shoulder

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Chas hacking

End of four…4-3 Astros

40 foul balls in 4 innings off Severino, 103 total pitches.

Lead off walk to Judge

Dominguez grounds right at Dubon who kicks it. E4. Judge to 3B


What is going on with Dubon’s infield defense recently? He’s made a few head-scratching errors.

What the fuck Dubon?

Perfect double play ball.

And that chases Brown.

Maton in

Yankees on the corners, nobody out