Yankees @ Astros, September 2, 2023

Come on, let’s not suck again tonight.

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I approve of this message

LeMahieu caught looking
Judge caught looking
Dominguez 3U

Good start for Brown

Yordan with a 2-out single
Tucker works the count full and whiffs at a pitch over his head

No score after one.

34 hop seeing eye grounder for Stanton

4-pitch walk to Volpe. Yankees have two on, nobody out

Punch out if Wells for the first out

Another walk loads the bases

Single makes it 1-0

Third walk of the inning plates another run

FC plates another run.

Astros challenging it was a GIDP

Replay shows he’s out by a whole step. Should be a quick overturn…

Yep. 6-4-3.

Middle of two…2-0 Yankees.

On-field umps obviously have action on the Yankees.

Abreu with a great 13-pitch walk

It wasn’t even really close. How do you miss that?

Uncle Mike!

Ties it up


I don’t know. And Hunter was getting mega-squeezed.

Diaz hacks out. Good grief.

Geez, Yainer.

He swung at four pitches that bounced. That’s not counting the balls off the plate that didn’t.