Yankees @ Astros, July 9, 2021

Is Correa hurt? He just had a day off on the 1st, the break is in 3 days and this is an important series.

Lineup: Altuve, Straw, Brantley, Gurriel, Alvarez, Tucker, Toro, Castro, Garcia.

He posted this 22 minutes ago, not sure why the time stamp says 1:46

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Well that answers that. Get well soon, Carlos.


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He’s just under the weather and feeling sick. Apparently you don’t have to have COVID to be placed on the list.


Nervous about this matchup tonight with Odorizzi and his fastball fly ball method of pitching.

He has to sit the full 10-days, right, just like any other injury?

I think so , yes

Nice double play to get out of the first.

No, he can come back any time with a clean COVID test. Not required the full 10 days, if COVID protocol.


Scoreless mid 3rd.

Tucker had a nice double in the 2nd.


Altuve is at 10 years service time.

You guys are getting old.


It is amazing how all of these other people keep getting older than me.

This pitcher looks like a Law and Order character who would busily go about his daily work routine while being interviewed by police about a murder.

John Mulaney reference?

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They said earlier that the Astros have eliminated the Yankees from the postseason in 2015, 2017, and 2019. The have a chance to do it again in 2021, just a bit earlier than usual. Send them back to NY with a losing record at the All-Star break.

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He articulated a shared observation.

He also does a pretty good Ice T.

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You mean like when someone eats too much chocolate cake?

Or when someone eats too much chocolate cake then barfs it up?