Yankees @ Astros July 11, 2021

Framber is a little wild in the first but gets out of it with no runs. Astros, predictably, toss another scoreless inning on the pile.

No score going to the second inning.

At least Uncle Mike had a hit, and they were putting the ball into play.

Hey, don’t sell us short.

We got a hit in the first.

If you want to call Yordan’s pop up to 3rd in play.

Yeah well, I was being generous.

Baby steps.

He fouled off two crushable balls, then popped up hat high

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As good as he’s been over the start of his career, he’s got a ways to go to become the ball-bashing machine he’s made out to be.

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There are a lot of at-bats where he seems completely over-matched.

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This team’s a different team with Correa in the lineup.


I do not think over-matched as much as I do too passive/selective/picky.

Kyle, why try to pull that? Roll over weak ground ball

And the sooner he learns that the left field fence is his friend, the better.

He should chat with Berkman.

I think he should get 3 cases of red bull, tape his eyelids open, and watch Berkman tapes on a loop for the entire AS break.

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Why is Framber suddenly allergic to the strike zone?

Whatever magic Framber had for awhile has gone away.

Yeah, there’s been speculation about what that might be.

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Him too, huh?


There’s the ballgame.