Yankees @ Astros Easter Sunday Special (March 31, 2024)

May they rise again after three days dead.

Altuve 4
Alvarez DH
Tucker 9
Bregman 5
Diaz 2
Singleton 3
McCormick 7
Peña 6
Meyers 8

France on the bump.

I’ve got a good feeling about today, so much so that I’m starting the Yankee pitcher on my fantasy team.

I’ve got a gut wrenching feeling about today. I guess one of us will be right.

I mowed the grass this morning. Hopefully that helps

Singleton gets the start at 1B. I guess he can’t go any worse than hitless.

You’re forgetting GIDP

France getting squeezed. Imagine that.

France gives up a 1-out single to Soto, but gets the next two. No score, Astros coming to bat.

Strike zone is enormous for the Yankee pitcher.

Astros go quickly and quietly. No score.

Jeebus this ump is fucking lost.

Stanton with a leadoff double on a 2-strike hanger.

There is no way this HPU is gonna allow the Astros to win. I don’t even know why they’re playing.

1-0 Yankees on a popup to 1B. Why Singleton was in on the grass is anyone’s guess.

Looks like we’ll need another 5-6 inning game from the bullpen.

Bregman takes a 2-0 meatball right down the middle. God is he infuriating

I wanna join FanDuel and Draftkings so I can bet on Bregman staring at a 2-0 pitch.

Then pops up on a slider in the dirt. Because that, not the fucking get over fastball right down the fucking center of the plate is his pitch.

Diaz with a single. Astros first hit.

I cannot for the life of me figure out the Astros’ love affair with Singleton.