Yankees @ Astros, 7/10/21

No idea who these Fox announcers are.

Robel made a hell of a play on Lemaywho to open the game.

How was Cole received?

3 ball counts to each batter in the 2nd so far.


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Honestly I didn’t even notice, so…tepidly?

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Yankees get a couple on but Grienke strands them.



Alvarez up for Houston against Cole…strike looking, ball, swinging strike at a ball down, ball out, strike on the inside corner. 1 out.

Not sure what Yordan was expecting there with 2 strikes and the catcher set up inside.

Cole looks good. Asshole.

Tucker up…ball down, ball up and out, ball down, strike on inside corner, swinging strike right down the middle. Full count…swinging strikeout.

2 down.

Toro up with two out…looks at strike one, pops out to short left.

Scoreless after 2.

He looked good when we saw him in New York…until about the 5th or 6th when we chased him. Different lineup for us today though…

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Brilliant blue star play by Altuve on a one-hopper to shallow CF.


Locastro up for Stankees…strike looking, foul down left field line. Just missed a double by about a foot. Two strikes…ball low, fouled at plate, ground out 4-3 on a highlight reel play by Altuve up the middle!!

Top of the order with 1 out.

Lemahieu…strike looking, strike looking, ball just low, foul, ball, strike three looking.

2 down

Judge with two out…ball down, strike looking, ball low, homer to left center on hanging breaking ball. No doubter.

1-0 Stankees

Voit…foul, ball, ball, foul, ball, strike called on inside corner to retire the side.

Astros trail 1-0.

The actor?

Not quite! My spellcheck working overtime.

B3: 7,8,9 for Houston.

Straw looks at strike one, fly out to center. 1 down.

Maldonado…foul, swinging strike, ball up, foul, looks at strike three. Two down.

Garcia up…ball down, fly out to left.

Astros go quietly and still trail 1-0.