Great story in The Athletic about Diaz. The story clearly demonstrates Machete’s value in the clubhouse


Saw that.

Why did I read the comments? Never read the comments

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I read The Athletic on archive.today which doesn’t allow me to see comments. I would be tempted if available.

I don’t.

The link. Not sure if subscriber-protected

For those who have a better understanding of the nuances of catching- calling a game, framing pitches and other defensive metrics- has Diaz shown enough to give him the starting job moving forward (even next year)?



He’s done enough for me to have him start the rest of the year. I love Maldy but he his a new low this season and I couldn’t justify him playing as much as he does. Not my call though

Maldy is immensely helpful in the clubhouse and on the field. I know you know catching is very little about offense.

Maldy loves this org, and I hope there is a place for him when is ready to stop playing.


I would catch Yainer three times through the rotation, play him at first once and DH him the fifth day and if he behaved himself I might give him a day off every couple of weeks but probably not.


I think their hitting (eventhough its not nearly important enough to be the primary reason) is a natural way to decide playing time.

Framber has earned the right to choose Maldy if he wants, but it would benefit the team if all pitchers threw to both catchers.

Diaz hits RHP very well (.878 ops) but not LHP (.482) - I have no idea why but he was that way in the minors too.

Maldy is terrible vs RHP (.499) but playable vs LHP (.617)

Since the 6 top AL playoff contenders are 83% RH in the rotation this should be an ideal way to distribute playing time


An update I saw today on Diaz’ last 48 games of which 41 were starts:

.297 BA .313 OBP .587 SLG 11/2b 13HR 30RBI 142 WRC+

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Nice article on the Maldy mentorship of Diaz:

And, just saying this out loud for the umpteenth time: Phil Maton and Yanier Diaz for Myles Straw. Absolute highway robbery.