WWII museum in NOLa

Thought I’d start a new topic to recommend the WWII museum in New Orleans. (I think someone mentioned a WWII museum in Fredericksburg in another thread that I have yet to see.)

I was in NOLa the last few days for a work meeting and took the opportunity to check out the museum as it was only a few blocks away from my hotel. I planned on going for a couple of hours, but ended up staying the whole day.

Great overviews of the war, and separately of the European and Pacific theaters, as well as stories of individual soldiers. Lots of equipment and such (the planes on the Boeing wing particularly appealed to my model-building nerd self). Also a 4D (special effects at your seat) movie to tie it all together.

Like many here, the shadow of WWII was a big part of my childhood (born on 1964), and my extended family had lots of people who lived through and a couple who served, though almost all are gone now.


Great Museums, both.

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I’ve spent several hours in the WWII museum and am a donor. I also have been to the Nimitz in Fredercksburg a couple of times and donate to them too. Having had a father that was on Iwo and a step-father at The Battle of The Bulge it is important to me that we not forget this “Greatest Generation”.
And they are good museums. Glad you enjoyed it!


Former USMC commandant Mike Hagee is around the Nimitz a lot and is interesting to visit with on both Pacific War history and his time as a joint chief. Look for the tall, older guy who could still rip your head off and shit down your neck.