World Series Game 6 Pregame Drink-up and or Meet-up/The What Have You

Hey gang-

I decided early on if there were to be a Game 6 in Houston, I was going to try to find a way to go and try to convince my unloved younger sibling, Mike S, to go as well.
That being said, I moved my trip/flying to clear the weekend, I’m flying Mike out Saturday from Napa (no, he can’t bring us some of his superb wine which is unacceptable, but we’ll let it slide) and I’m driving out from Austin.

Mike and I thought that if any of the fine folks here on OWA want to meet up before hand near MMPUS for a few libations, then let’s put out the ‘bat signal’ on OWA.

So, post here if any one wants to meet up or message Mike S or me, and let’s try to meet up for a few cool ones!

The brothers Schieffer will be fired up and ready to go for Game 6 and see our beloved Houston Astros baseball club win this thing at The Juice Box, and we’re pretty sure everyone else is as well, obviously.
If not, you’re dead to us.

Oh, and I’m also not averse to sacrificing a live animal to the BBGs for appeasement if it comes down to it.
Hell, it could make for a fun pregame.

Let’s go Astros.

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I know there are some past meet-ups at the Flying Saucer (Main & Capital). Not sure I’ll be able to make it as I think I’m going to watch the game with friends, but I’d be a maybe.

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Let us know!


Jim what is your beer tradition for the postseason games?



The lucky one this year seems to be Maine Beer Company Fall at Saucer.

John & Mike, hate that we won’t be able to make it downtown for an OWA meetup, we will be at an engagement party and planning our exit strategy (will fake medical emergency if I have to). Sorry we will not get a chance for handshakes and high fives in person, but we will be there in spirit and put full trust in the brothers Schieffer to lead this city and get this dub!


I saw this this morning. So apropos these days… :wink:

My lovely employer canceled my brother’s flight this morning, so now we’re behind schedule and I’m hoping to meet Jim, Mark and HH a The Flying Saucer. Gonna be interesting.

We’ll be pulling hard for the Houston Astros Baseball club, you can be assured.

Let’s go Astros.


Actually, we’re not that interesting. We’re just true believers.


I believe you, interestingly enough.

Hudson will be easy to pick out in his weekend jeggings and top hat, which he will assuredly be wearing indoors.


Also probably the only guy wearing spectators.

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Can’t remember, does he take off the hat when the waitress sits down?

Never the hat, but always the bedazzled denim vest.

I’m at the Saucer, if anyone is interested.

Let’s be honest, if Kate wore a bedazzled denim vest, they’d be everywhere overnight.

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Kate could wear oil soaked coveralls and they’d sell out tomorrow.

But she doesn’t like Brandon Marsh.


Neither do his parents.