World Series Game 6: Astros vs. Everyone and the Void

Just to make sure this gets done before I get blitzed.

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No surprises.


Let’s do this!


My liver is ready.


I’m so stir crazy, I can’t even think straight. Eating a bunch of Halloween candy is likely not helping. Probably should run to the gym and burn off some energy before I settle in for the game. Too bad I have one more work meeting. Oh, and, I am 80% of the way thru a steroid taper for my back so I am ready to rumble. There will be broken electronics and frightened cats here in the house tonight if the Astros offense goes back into a slumber.


Let’s go Astros! Find a way to get to Game 7 tomorrow night!

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I hope they pound them into oblivion. So ashamed they head back to Georgia before game 7 sort of beating.


The baseball media wants the season to end tonight so they can start riding labor pieces. Fuck em. National fans want the season to end tonight so they can shit on the Astros. Fuck em. The Braves want the season to end tonight so they can go celebrate with their racist fans. Fuck em.

It’s time to tell the rest of the baseball world that doubt the Astros, is not good for your health. Fuck the world, Astros. Kick some ass and get to game 7.

Let’s. Fucking. Go.


Albies dropped to 7th for Atlanta.

Siri starts in center for the Astros.

I see Siri making a big play tonight

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Strom said in pregame that he thought we had to pitch more on the inside (to make the off speed stuff more effective). He and Maldy just about to meet to discuss that very issue.

C’mon Rainbow Gut - lets give them nothing.

Doing my part.


Thank your for your service.

Here we go folks

Come on Luis, command the zone well tonight.

Explosions in the Sky for opening montage. Nice.

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Nice catch Kyle!

Untucket! No hit for you.

Way too good on 0-2, Luis.

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