World Series Game 5: Astros at Phillies

2 hours til 1st pitch. Time to turn the page to game 5.

Dusty, you have a mostly rested bullpen and a chance to grab the series by the throat. This should be managed like a game 7. McCullers, Javier, Valdez and Urquidy are not available but everybody else is. If you need a make an early move, be ready to fucking make it.



He had relievers up early last night. That was a good sign.

Been watching the series from Hawaii where I have been on vacation. Constant comments on my Astros hat. Go JV, Go Astros. I’m following the GZ as I sit in my beach chair.


Be ready to warm up if called upon. It’s the world series!


I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

I saw that.

Dusty, that is not Justin Verlander. That is Astros pitcher #35. I don’t care if prime Pedro Martinez is on the mound. If he don’t have it, get him the fuck out.

I hope he has it tonight

I am throwing to my dog, but I am ready.


See that is what I want to hear. Staying loose

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Let’s show JV a little more love. He knows it’s the last start of the season. Something tells me the fastball will have a little more zip…and his curve and slider a little more bite tonight. Can’t hardly wait for the game to get here.

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Yep, there should not be any abuse heaped on JV. He has been a great Astro, and we are so fortunate he accepted the trade.


Yeah, I don’t want my words to get twisted. If it seems like I am lacking faith in JV, that is not my intent. I think JV will be fine and hope he is incredible.

I really do think the extra time he has had between his postseason starts has hurt him. Idk if maybe as he gets older he losses sharpness more with more rest or what. But his shortest rest time was 6 days between Seattle and New York and New York was his best start. He’s had 5 days off this time, his normal rest this season. So I expect him to be good.

I just hope that if he isn’t, Dusty doesn’t hang him out to dry waiting for the real JV to show up.

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Gettin a feel for the old spitball.

Have we considered starting your dog at DH?

Brad Lidge is throwing out the first pitch.

What. The. Holy. Fuck.

I did throw a spitball in HS. Seriously. Whitey Ford explained how in a Life magazine article so I practiced it. Helluva pitch.

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I heard him on a podcast recently and he hinted this would happen. He said he loved his time in Houston but the WS championship in Philly makes him feel closer to that franchise.

That said, I hope Pujols shows up to crush that pitch.


My thought exactly. Fuck Lidge for doing this.


The DH is Brantley. Will he be there tonight?

Let’s go Astros: Jump on the Phillies early and don’t let up! Crush the Phillies tonight!

Verlander: Find your mechanics that led to a 1.84 regular season ERA and pitch like that dude tonight. You are Justin Fucking Verlander, future Hall of Famer. Pitch like one tonight.

Baker: Don’t get caught up in the names on the back of the jersey and make necessary moves at the right time.

C’est une occasion très à propos.