World Series Game 3: Houston vs Everyone

Need a solid game from Luis tonight…Bregman any fucking day now will be fine. Pretty please…with a cocktail cherry on top.

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Hell Give him the whole cocktail

Altuve 4
Brantley 9
Bregman 5
Alvarez 7
Correa 6
Tucker 8
Gurriel 3
Maldonado 2
Garcia 1

Runs, please. They are undefeated at home 2021 playoffs.


The pressure is on Atlanta.

They now only have 2 SP and 4 leverage bullpen arms that Snitker trusts.

They are planning bullpen games tomorrow AND Sunday.

If the team can get Anderson out early and put another couple of unexpected innings on that bullpen then it will look really good for the Astros.

He has averaged 4 innings and 68 pitches his 3 post season starts.

Put a couple of 20 pitch innings on him early and the Braves will sweat regardless of the score.

In my mind it will take more than 40 pitches in 2 innings to force Snitker’s hand. He knows he needs innings pitched out of his starter tonight. It’s going to take a crooked number in more than one inning to knock him out before the end of the 5th.

This shortwave pivoting around the upper level low is slowly moving east so rain should be decreasing in coverage over the next couple of hours. Still not going to be a fun weather night with scattered drizzle and occasional light showers but they should get the game in.


I think everyone in the starting lineup should each put in $50

Whoever sees the most pitches the first time through the lineup gets it.

you really think that would :upside_down_face:sway anyone?

How about $55???

Probably not Altuve

It’s about the bragging rights not the $$

Second prize is a set of steak knives.

Third prize? You’re fuckin fired.


A gentlemans but $1

Reminds me of the joke

1st prize is a week in Philadelphia
2nd prize is 2 weeks in Philly
3rd prize etc

If y’all really want to honor Henry Aaron, stop doing the chop.


Runs. Early and often.

thats what we do.

Tom Hallion, everybody.

Altuve works it full…walks on ball seven.

Nice at bat Jose!