World Series Game 2: Phillies at Astros


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Somehow, some way the Astros have to win this game. No excuses.

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Attention Jose Altuve:

Singles are okay.


Need good Framber tonight

That includes bunting for a hit. Do something to get going.

If Cintron knows Altuve is too jumpy in the batters box and a tick late on good fastballs, that’s something that should be fairly correctable.

Altuve, do for that idiot that spent all his money.

They got away throwing 3 hittable FBs to Yordan in the 10th.

I hope they keep trying that, and I hope Yordan remembers that left field power is his way in this world.

Let’s go Framber!

Attention Framber Valdez: Pitch your butt off and don’t step on your dick fielding your position.

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Let’s go Framber!

No leadoff walks, Framber.

We need Framber the Zen Master tonight.

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Don’t fucking nibble!

Nibbles Valdez on the hill

Start spotting that FB anytime now.

Walks are not cool, Framber.

Roll a pair, Astros.

Attaboy Framber!

Meet my Uncle Charlie.